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Monday, December 17, 2007

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Friday, December 14, 2007


Well, Peyton is doing much better now. I am now just trying to get him eating solids again. He is only wanting baby food, or soft things. I am hoping that he will get back to eating anything in a few days.

It is just Peyton and I this weekend. Daddy went hunting. We are just staying in and catching up on our rest. It is actually suppose to be cold here this weekend.

I am hoping to get a post up this week of Peyton singing. He is now interested in trying to sing songs. It is so cute. This will not be a surprise to my family, but he actually sings in pitch!!! He is going to be the American Idol 2025!!

Have a great weekend!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Eventful Weekend

This past weekend has been very eventful. Friday night, Dwayne and I went to a couples Bunco night. Peyton stayed at my parents house for the night. We had a great time spending time with just the two of us.

Saturday night Peyton got sick and has been sick since. He has a stomach bug. He is pretty pitiful. The last 24 hours has been all about pedialyte, and plain oatmeal. I am hoping that we are on the downhill slide of this bug though. It is kind of weird to not have him following me around the house. He is just laying on the floor or is sitting in our laps. The only thing that I kind of like about this bug is that he is wanting to cuddle.

Please keep Peyton in your prayers, and Dwayne and I. Hopefully this bug is not something that is going to hit all of us!!

Monday, December 03, 2007


Peyton has learned a new word this week. I have a collection of Santa's on a table. Everytime he walks by them he looks up, points and says "Santa". Here is a short clip.

Peyton Meets Santa Clause

Lezlie and I took Addison and Peyton today to see Santa at the mall. We had them both dressed in their Christmas outfits. They were both so cute. I was really curious as to how Peyton was going to do sitting on Santa's lap. I first took Peyton over to Santa and introduced them. He said Hi and waved. Then I put him on his lap and Peyton just looked up at Santa. He was great. He did not cry at all. In fact, Santa called me over to him and asked me how old he was. When I told him he was 13 months old he was very surprised that he was not crying. All the kids before him screamed. I was very proud of Peyton and so was Santa. I have attached some pictures that I took of him waiting patiently in line to see Santa and pictures with Santa. Enjoy!!