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Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vacation in Oklahoma

On July 2nd we packed up for our 10 hour rode trip to Oklahoma. My parents and my sister's family all went too. We stayed for a full week. It was nice to get away. We rented a house on the lake. The house was perfect and the kids loved going down to the rock beach and throwing rocks in the lake.

Friday, July 3rd, my cousin Britt had a beautiful sunset wedding. It was good to see lots of family. Saturday, July 4th, it actually rained all morning. We had forgotten what rain looked like ( we have gone over a month with no rain in Houston). That night we went to our Aunt Shari's and Uncle Daves house and had dinner and watched fireworks.

The rest of the week was spent resting and riding on the boats. We rode on our Uncle Brian's and Aunt Carol's boat a couple of days. We rented jet skies, which the kids loved to ride them. They both kept saying faster, faster. Peyton and Daddy even rode on the tube. Peyton did it, but he did not really care for it.

One night we drove to Bartlesville, OK (where I graduated from high school) and went to the kiddie park. It has rides just Peyton's size. He had a blast. He rode a roller coaster 3x, farris wheel, boats, train, horse, and more. He or course threw a fit when we left. It was only 25 cents a ticket and most of the rides were only 1-2 tickets. We wich they had something like that in Houston.

We had a really great time with our family. We were not ready to come home. Peyton cried most of the way home, "I want to go back to Oklahoma".

Here are some pictures of our week!