Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Monday, February 11, 2008


Peyton is saying more words every day. My favorite word that he attempts to say is macaroni. It makes me laugh. Macaroni is his new favorite food.

Update: My Dr.'s appointment last week went fine. I am continuing everyday to feel a little bit better.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I just thought that I would post a blog to let everyone know how things are going. The last 6 weeks have been the most challenging weeks of my life. I have been nausious every day, all day, and very tired. I have been challenged with Peyton, who has decided to give me a trial run on the terrible TWO's!! I have also been challenged on keeping my house in order. I am very OCD about my house, but with being so nausious and tired it has gone out the window.

God has picked me up though and helped me every step of the way. Dwayne has also been a saint. He comes home from a long day at work and looks after Peyton and does things around the house. He is amazing!!!

As I am writing this blog though, today has been a much better day. I was actually dreading today, because I no longer have my miracle drug (Zofron). My nausiousness has been less, and I got the house clean!!!! I think that I am on the downhill slide of this first trimester, I hope and pray!!

I go to the Dr. tomorrow for another check-up. Please continue to keep Dwayne, Peyton, our "little one", and I in your prayers.

Where did it go?

Peyton is talking so much more now. He is putting 3 words together, which makes me so proud. His favorite phrase though is "Where did it go?.

Trying to Ride his Train

Peyton is trying so hard to ride his train. He does not give up. This video could have been 30 minutes. I guess we need to get him a train he can ride on!!