Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Monday, April 30, 2007

Take Me Out To The Ball Game...............

Peyton went to his first Astros game's this past weekend. We actually went two nights in a row, and Peyton really enjoyed it. He was in awe of all the people and the noises. The first night we went, Lezlie, Scott, Dwayne, Peyton, and I got to sit in Conoco-Phillips diamond seats. This is where the former President Bush and his wife sit, right in front of home base. We got to be on TV. The Bush's were not at the game that night. Very disappointing!!! We were given the royal treatment with dinner in the dining room(all you can eat!!). Then during the game everything was free!! Thanks again Mom and Dad, and Conoco-Phillips!!

The second night that we went we actually won the game!! Peyton did so well for being at the games for 3 or more hours. The second night we had our picture taken before the game, and because it was so good, they displayed it during the game on the big screen. We had people from our church who were at the game calling our cell phones. It was a blast. We will definitely be taking Peyton again. Enjoy all the great pics!!!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Peyton Eating His First Food!

We have attached a couple videos of Peyton eating his first food. His first food was green beans. As you will see in the video, he did not like them. I tried them for 2 days and he still would not eat them. So, we are now eating sweet peas. He loves them. I am attempting to make his baby food. We will see how it goes. Enjoy these classic videos!!!

Peyton eating green beans 2
Video sent by mseeber

Peyton eating green beans
Video sent by mseeber

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Peyton 6 Months Old

Peyton is now 6 month old. These pictures were taken at JcPenny.

We went to the Dr. yesterday for his checkup. The Dr. says that he looks great. He is developing and growing the way he should be. Peyton is now sitting up by himself, eating peas and cereal, saying "mama", and "baba", putting everything in his mouth, standing holding someones hands, and his bottom 2 teeth just came through the skin. He is getting so big, and changing so much!!

Peyton is now 15.8 lbs, and 27 and a quarter inches tall.

Dwayne and I feel so blessed to have such a beautiful baby boy. God is so good!!

Peyton's First Trip to Oregon

We just got back from a weekend in Oregon. We were a little nervous about the 4 hour plane ride, but Peyton did great. Everyone sitting around us was amazed at how well he did.

We had a really good time visiting family. Peyton had so much fun playing with his cousins.

Enjoy the pictures from our trip!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Peyton's First Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday. It was cold though. It was about 44 degress in Houston when we went to church. Peyton looked so handsome in his Easter duds.

After church, we went over to Papa and Grammy's house to eat lunch, and the Easter bunny came to see Peyton. He was pretty excited. Grammy and Papa got Peyton a bag of different balls. We think that he likes the Football the best. Grammy also got Peyton an Easter bunny that sings and dances. He loves to grab it's ears. After lunch, we played for a little while and then it was nap time. Peyton had a very special first Easter. Here are some pictures to enjoy.