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Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 2010

Well about a month has gone by since I posted last. January was different for Houston. It was really cold the first of the month, then we had a taste of spring fever for a week. It was nice. Now we are back to the cold. Peyton keeps asking if we can go back to the park.

What has happened in Jan:

Peyton is getting to be a young man. He is pretty independant about everything. He is loving that Brady is older and he has someone to play with at home. They play pretty well together, and they are starting to fight a little. Peyton went through a stage in December when he did not like school or Bible Class. It was rough, but he is out of the funk and enjoying both again. He is very ready for baseball to start back. He asks every day if we are going to the Minute Maid Stadium to watch the Astros. He is a BIG FAN!!

Brady is, well, a mess. He is 17 months now and has developed a personality and an ATTITUDE!!! He is saying all kinds of words and attempts to communicate the best he can which is adorable. He is also enjoying playing with brother. My favorite thing that he is attempting to say is "where did it go". It is more like, "we di di do". I love this stage. He still needs to get 4 more teeth in and he will have all of them but 2 year molars.

Dwayne has changed jobs. He now works for Texas Direct Auto. He is a buyer for them. This is the kind of job that he has wanted for a long time. He is working a little bit more, which it is taking a toll on Peyton, but he will get use to it. He also for the first time has a desk job. He sits on the computer buying cars at auctions online. It is very different for him, but he is so much happier!!! :)

I have been very busy with my private practice. I have now hired a sitter to come monday thru thursday in the mornings to watch the boys. It is grown much faster than I was prepared for, but I love it. I get the best of both worlds: work from home, and stay home with the kids. I feel very BLESSED!!!

Here are some pictures of the month of January:

Sunday, January 03, 2010


Happy New Year!