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Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Brady Eating Rice Cereal

Brady just started eating rice cereal last friday. He knew what to do right away. He loves it! He opens his mouth real wide for every bite.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brady is 4 Months Old!

Time goes so fast. We can't believe that Brady is 4 months old. I took him to the dr. yesterday for his checkup. He is 15 lbs, 14oz and 26 inches long. He is a BIG BOY!! He is very healthy and the dr said that he looks great. The only thing that she is concerned about is the shape of the back of his head. She wants him to try and stay off his back, other than sleeping at night. At his 6 month check up she will check it again. If it still looks the way it is now, then we may have to do a helmet to shape is head. I really do not want to do this.

At 4 months old Brady is:

- rolling from back to tummy
- smiling and laughing
- grabbing things
- trying to sit up
- babbling
- eating rice cereal (he loves it of course!)

Today, we took Peyton, Brady, and Addy to get Holiday pics. Grammy bought them matching outfits. They looked so cute. The experiece did not go so great. They are at that age where they don't want to cooperate. We did get a few good pics though. Here a couple pics of the boys at home in their holiday attire!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gingerbread Train, Christmas Cookies and Snow.... What Snow!!!!!

Yes, it was an eventful day today. The boys and I left the house in the morning to go over to my mom's house. We decorated a gingerbread train, made sugar cookies, and made green rice crispy treats. We were in the kitchen all day long. It was a lot of fun. The kids were involved in it all. While we were fixing dinner for tonight, I looked out the window and it was snowing. I couldn't believe it. We quickly got the kids bundled up ( I thought for sure that it would not snow for long) and went outside. Peyton was so excited. He kept asking to make a snowman. The snow was pretty thick, but it was not sticking to the ground. He just enjoyed catching snow flakes on his tongue and watching them fall. He did not want to go back inside. It snowed for over an hour. The snow make it such a perfect Christmas day to be with family making Christmas treats.

After we got inside from being out in the snow, we made the kids hot chocolate for the first time. The kids did not really like it, so Lezlie and I enjoyed it!!

We ended our day eating 15 bean soup with cornbread. It was so so good. When we left my parents house, it was snowing again! CRAZY!!!

Enjoy the pics of our fun filled day!! It is hard to see the snow in the pics. I promise though it snowed really hard!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


We hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a very relaxing weekend at my parents house and at home.

Wednesday night we stayed the night at my parents house. We played cards after the kids went to bed, which we have not done in a long time (since kids came to the family). Thanksgiving morning we enjoyed a nice breakfast and watched the Macy's Day Parade. After the kids took a nap, we had our Thanksgiving lunch. We had a lot of food and of course ate way to much. After lunch we went outside and threw around a football. We played on the first hole of the golf course right behind my parents house. It was a perfect place for the kids to run around. It was a great day!!

The rest of the holiday weekend was spent at home due to both Peyton and Brady having a cold. They are doing better now. Dwayne and I actually enjoyed just staying in for the weekend. We put up our Christmas tree and did some other things that needed to be done around the house. It was a productive weekend.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seeber Family Update

It has been a while since I posted anything on our blog. Sorry!! We have been busy with the same ol stuff. Dwayne has been really busy with work, I am now in the swing of things working two nights a week, and the boys are changing and keeping us on our toes.

Peyton cracks us up. I am loving the two year old stage. He says the funniest things, and he amazes us with what he knows. He is loving his brother more everyday. If you ask him if he loves Brady he says "Oh yes Mama!" He is learning about Santa and is getting excited about Christmas. He is obsessed with Christmas Trees. He helped Grammy and Papa put up a little Christmas tree the other day. He loved putting the ornaments on the tree. I can't till we put ours up this weekend.

Brady is now 3 months old. He is of course changing every day. He smiles a lot and has started cooing too. Peyton loves to hear Brady talk. He thinks that it is pretty cool. Brady is pretty close to sleeping through the night. He sleeps about 5-6 hours between feedings.

We are looking forward to the Holiday Season. Here are some recent photos of the boys. More pics are to come though. We had family pictures taken the other day.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Halloween 2008

We had a great Halloween. We went to my parents house and roasted hotdogs in the fireplace outside and then took the kids Trick-or-Treating. We only went to a few homes. Peyton and Addy did really good. Peyton would say trick-or-treat and then say Thank you! He was sweet.

Here are some pictures of the evening.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Could Not Resist!!!

I could not resist. I had to post this picture. Sorry for the big spit up mark on his shirt.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Harding Homecoming 2008

We just got back this afternoon from Searcy, Arkansas. We went to Harding's Homecoming. This was a very last minute trip. I had been looking online for a hotel room over the last month or so and there was nothing. I thought I would take one last look on Thursday afternoon and there was a room available in Searcy. We packed the kids up and left Thursday night and drove 4 hours. Friday morning we drove another 4 hours. It was nice to break the trip up a little bit.

Dwayne's social club was having a 40th Reunion, so we saw quite a few of our friends. It was really neat to see everyone with children. We had a great time and we are really glad we made the last minute decision to go. It was special to take our boys (even though they do not understand) to the place where it all began!

We left this morning at 4am and got back to Houston at 1pm. It was a tiring day, but we are glad that we got up early.

Enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Three Baby Boys and 4 shots!!!

Yesterday was not a fun day. We took the boys together for their 2 year and 2 month old Dr's appointments. I wanted to get it all done in one day and just get it over with.

Okay, Peyton is 28 lbs and is 34 inches tall. He is now finally in the 50th % for weight and height. He did okay. He did not want to lay on the table. Dwayne held him while the Dr checked him out. He kept saying "bye bye dr".

Brady, Brady, Brady!! Here we go. He is a whopping, are you ready, 13 lbs 11 ounces, 24 inches tall. I was amazed. I figured he was around 13 lbs, but not close to 14 lbs. He is in the 90th to 95th % for weight and height. The Dr. said he is definitely not malnourished! He has almost doubled his birth weight in 9 weeks. He is breast feeding great every 3-4 hours during the day and goes 5-6 hours at night.

Okay for the 4 shots. Well, Dwayne got his flu shot for which he did not want because he was afraid that he was going to get the flu. Right before he was about to get his shot, he said " um, I have not had anything to eat today". I said, "what does that matter, it is just a flu shot. It is not like giving blood." Dwayne said, "I know, but I have fainted before with shots". Okay at this point I am thinking oh my, here I am with my two crying children at the Dr's and my husband is probably going to be flat on the floor because of a FLU SHOT!!!! What a Baby!! And that is when I said to myself that I have 3 baby's with me today. So, on with the story. After he told me he may faint, I pulled Peyton's cheerios out of his bag and handed them to Dwayne. He ate some and said he would probably be fine!!
He was fine. He went first, and then Peyton got the flu mist in the nose and one shot. He cryed but mainly because he had the sit on the table. Then Brady went last and got 2 shots (poor baby).

It was an adventure, and we all survived even Dwayne!

Peyton's 2nd Birthday

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Peyton turning 2 years old. Saturday was his birthday party. Peyton a few of his friends over. The theme of the party was Baseball and the Astros. Peyton loves baseball and the Astros. Peyton was dressed in his Astros gear and everyone that came wore Astros also. Dwayne set up the back yard to look like a mini baseball field. We also had a bounce house and the kids played on the swing set. It was a beautiful day to be outside. The kids had fun playing baseball and so did the Dad's. We enjoyed so birthday cake ( thank you Tara) and ice cream and then he opened his presents. He had a great time!! Here are some pictures of his day!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Brotherly Love

Here is a video of Peyton holding Brady. The last couple of days he has wanted to hold him more and always grabs a blanket something and throws it over his shoulder. I guess I did not realize how observant he has been of me throwing a burp cloth over shoulder all day. I also tried to get him to sing a song for Brady, but again as soon as the camera came out he says "look" and wants to see himself in the camera. He is singing a little bit but, he can sing Take Me Out To The Ball Game much better. I will keep trying to get a full song from him.


Brady Starting to Talk

I have posted a video of Brady Cooing. It is so cute. I tried to video Peyton singing Take Me Out To The Ball Game, but he will not cooperate with a camera out. (I guess that is a 2 year old for ya!)


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Busy Week!

We had a very busy week this week. I am trying to get things ready for Peyton's Birthday Party and I have been going through closets and things for our garage sale that we had this morning. I love garage sales. It feels so good to clean up clutter in your home! My sister and Scott had a bunch of stuff for the garage sale since they have sold their home and are moving. We were outside at 5:30am and pretty much everything was gone by 10:30am. We had a good turn out. Our neighborhood has a sale every six months.

I have not commented on any posts about Peyton and Mother's Day Out. He went for 2 weeks, and we had to pull him out. It was too much for him with all the changes at home. We did not notice that he was affected by Brady until we tried MDO. He has gotten very clingy and does not like Mommy or Daddy to leave him. He has always liked Bible class, but over the last 8 weeks he has struggled to go. We have seen a Peyton that we have never seen before. He has cried more in this last 8 weeks than he has his entire life. Things are getting better though. He went to Bible class the last two times we went and he only cried for a minute or two. He participated in class and had a good time. We have had to come up with a line that we repeat for bible class and for bed time. "Mama go to bed/class, Dada go to bed/class, Brady go to bed/class, and Peyton go to bed/class". It is working so far. I am praying that he will be ready to go to MDO in January. I am not going to push him right now.

Brady turns 2 months old tomorrow. He is such a big guy. He is flying through all of Peyton's old clothes. He is smiling and cooing more than he was last week. He is also going from his 9pm feeding to 2am. It has been nice to get 4 hours of sleep in a row!!! We have set up his room today and he is moving up stairs to his nursery. We are ready to have our bedroom back!

I have posted some pictures. Enjoy and have a great week!!!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Weekend in Dallas

Dwayne, Brady and I left last Thursday for Dallas. Dwayne had a National Conference meeting for work, so I decided to go with him and visit my college roommate Amanda. Peyton went with Grammy and Papa to Seaworld in San Antonio for the weekend. I had a really good time with Amanda. She had baby Reagan 4 weeks before Brady was born. We relaxed, fed the babies every 3 hours, went shopping and watched movies. It was a vacation for me. I did not have to run around chasing a 2 year old. I was very thankful (thank you mom and dad) for the time I had alone with Brady. I just sat and held him lots and cuddled!

Saturday night I went to the Hilton where Dwayne was for a company party. Brady was really good. He got lots of attention from all of Dwayne's co-workers.

Sunday we met Tim and Amanda for church and had lunch. Then I left for Houston with Brady, while Dwayne stayed back to go to a Dallas Cowboys game with Tim. I have not driven by myself for that long since college. I had only had 4 hours of sleep the night before and struggled to stay awake. But I made is safely with the help of sunflower seeds and caffine.

We missed Peyton very much. This was the longest we had been away from him. He had a blast with my parents at Seaworld though. I was not worried about him at all. When I got home, he really didn't want to leave Grammy and Papa.

Brady is now a little over 7 weeks old. He is getting so big. He started smiling this last week. I love it now that he is starting to interact with us.

Enjoy the slide show of our trip!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Brady's Dr. Appointment

We finally made it to the Dr. yesterday. The office was closed for a week because of the hurricane.

Brady is a little over 5 weeks old and is 11.7lbs, and 23 1/4 inches long. He has gained exactly 4 pounds since he was born. He is in the 95% for weight and height. He is a big boy, but he is healthy:) He is starting to get baby rolls on his legs and arms which I love. Peyton never had any baby rolls. Brady got one shot and he was a trooper. He did cry of course, but just for a second.

Here is a picture of me and my precious boys!!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Brady One Month Old

I can't believe that it has been a month since I had Brady. It has flown by. He was suppose to have his one month Dr's appointment yesterday, but they are shut down all week due to damage to the building from Ike. I am very anxious to see how much he has grown in the last 2 weeks. He is getting soooooo big. I am going to guess that he has gone from 9.4 lbs to almost 12lbs. He takes his eating very seriously. He is actually getting some baby rolls on his legs and arms. I love it. Peyton never got that.

Brady is becoming more alert during the day. He likes to watch Peyton run around. He is feeding every 3-4 hours. He is really overall a very good baby. He feeds and goes right back to sleep at night feedings, which is very nice. He has been having a little bit of trouble with reflux and tummy trouble, but not too bad. He loves tummy time, which is wierd for me because Peyton hated it!

Peyton loves Brady. He kisses and hugs him all the time. It is very cute to watch Peyton try to interact with Brady. He talks to him hoping that Brady will respond back. It will be fun when Brady can interact with Peyton a little bit more.

I will post Brady's weight ect.. next week after his appointment. Here are some pictures of Brady and Peyton. Enjoy

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Wow, what a weekend!! Dwayne, Peyton, Brady and I left our house on Friday morning and went over to my parents house to ride out the storm. We had plenty of food, water and a generator. We spent Friday preparing for the storm and having some fun. Peyton and Papa went swimming to enjoy being outside.

Friday evening the winds picked up, and by 7pm the power was going on and off. By 9pm the power was off for good. We played cards by flashlight while the kids tryed to get some sleep. I was not prepared for the strength of this storm. By 2am it was wild outside. You could feel the house shake a little bit with every gust of wind. By 3 or 4am we had winds of 75 mph with a lot of rain, that lasted about 4 hours. My parents have a room upstairs that has no windows. We all stayed in that room and listened to the storm. I told my mom that I never want to ride out another hurricane. We were hearing things hit the windows and things snapping and cracking. It was awful! I can't imagine what the people went through that rode the storm in Galveston.

Once the storm calmed down the guys started up the generator. It was nice to finally have a fan blowing on us. We had tropical storm force winds for at least half of the day and lots of rain. My parents house had very minimal damage, which surprised all of us. Our house and my sisters house was fine.

We finally got poser back to our house Saturday evening. We feel very fortunate and blessed to not have damage.

Here are some pictures of our weekend!

Peyton and Papa Swimming before Ike hit

My parents lawn furniture tied down

Please keep all of those without power and those that have lost everything in your thoughts and prayers!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First Day of MDO and 2 Week Appointment

Today has been a very busy, emotional day. It was Peyton's first day of Mother's Day Out. I was very nervous, even though I knew he would do just fine. He will be there Tuesday's and Thursday's from 9am to 2:30pm. He was pretty excited this morning about going to school. When I dropped him off, he did not even turn back to see me leave. He was ready!!! When I picked him up, his teacher said that he did great until it was time to take a nap. They said he was tough to get down, but he did take a 45 minute to an hour nap on his nap mat. When I walked into the room he was sitting on the aids lap and crying. It broke my heart and of course (this won't surprise my family) I started crying too. And yes, I forgot to mention that I did cry a little when I dropped him off too!:( Overall, he did great. I am curious to see how he does on Thursday now that he knows he is there for 5 and half hours!!
After Peyton was dropped off, my mom and I took Brady to his 2 week appointment. Brady is 9.4lbs and 21 and a half inches long. He was 7.7lbs when he was 5 days old. He is a very good eater, and would eat much more if I would let him. The Dr. said that he looks great. He did not get any shots today, but they did the newborn PKU screening today. They have to prick his heel and fill 5 dots full of blood. It took 15 minutes to fill all five dots. Brady was screaming, mommy was crying and even Grammy was teary eyed. The nurse that did the test had him laying on the bed and had is leg elevated trying to get blood out of his heel. I am not a Dr. or nurse, but I do know that to stop blood flow you elevate the body part. Finally near the end of the test, my mom said "wouldn't it be better for me to hold him up so that the blood will flow to his heel?" Oh yea, that may work the nurse said. It worked and he filled the last dot very quickly. Needless to say, I was not a happy camper when we left the Dr. Brady was worn out and pitiful after all that.

After Brady's appointment I had my 3 week post surgery appointment. It was easy thankfully!!! I am glad that the day is over. We all survived!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Brady's First Week at Home

Wow, I can't believe that Brady is almost 2 weeks old. My days are going by even faster now that I have 2 kids. Last week was a lot of fun. Dwayne was off all week, which was a big help for me. Peyton loved having his Daddy home. Dwayne went back to work today, and so far Peyton is not to bothered by it.

Brady is doing great. I can say right now at this very second, that Brady is a better baby than Peyton was. Now later today or tomorrow could be a different story. He is very content and layed back. He sleeps from one feeding to the next at night. I got almost 6 hours of sleep last night. He is awake about 4 hours during the day. I know, this probably won't last!!! I will enjoy it while it does though.

Peyton so far loves Brady. We have not seen any signs of jealousy so far. He likes to get on the floor next to him and talk to him. He also gives him lots of kisses.

I am doing much better. I am not on pain meds, and am able to get around the house pretty well. I still have one more week of not being able to drive and picking up Peyton. I feel very blessed to have had 2 pretty easy recovery times with a c-section. I would do it again, but we are not!!!!!

I have posted some pictures of Brady and Peyton over the last week at home. Enjoy!!

I will be posting pictures of Peyton next week, as it will be his first week at Mother's Day Out.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

We are Home!!

We are home now. The Dr. let us go home this evening instead of tomorrow morning. We were ready to get home where we are much more comfortable. Here are some more pictures of Brady.