Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Peyton's Birthday Weekend

Wow what a weekend. We started the festivities on Friday and they are finally ending today. He is going to start thinking that we should celebrate his birthday for 5 days every year!

Saturday morning was his pirate party with his friends. We had it at a train park. It was a lot of fun. The weather was amazing. It was in the upper 50's, low 60's. Last year at his party is was 90 degrees. The kids ran around and played baseball, football, and rode the train. Peyton has a special group of friends.

Sunday after church we had our family party. We had his favorite meal, roast! He got to open more presents too. He kept telling us that we get to sing happy birthday to him AGAIN! He had a lot of fun.

Monday was his actual birthday and his daddy took the day off. We played with all of his new toys, went to his favorite place to eat/play (chick-fil-A), and played t-ball outside. We had a great day just the 4 of us.

Today, we took donuts and juice to his school to celebrate his birthday. I told the teacher that he has been celebrating since last friday. He was excited to share his donuts with all his school friends.

I can't believe that my first born is "3". It goes by so fast. I keep thinking, oh my, he starts kindergarten in 3 years! He is a sweet little boy, and we love him so very much. For the last time - HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEYTON!!!!

Here are some pictures of Peyton's special weekend!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

We Are Back!!!

Wow, it has been over a month since I posted last. Sorry!!! It has been a crazy month. Let's see, the first of September we put our house on the market. This keeps me busy in the house cleaning department. We have had a few lookers and a good open house. We are still waiting patiently for the right family to walk in our house and fall in love with it.

Between Dwayne's job, my new business, and the boys we have been very very busy. My new private practice is going well. I love it!!

Peyton started preschool the first of September. He goes Tuesdays and Thursdays. He tells me, "Mommy I love to go to school".

Brady is growing and getting a great personality. The boys are starting to play really well together.

October so far has been busy. We have birthday parties, garage sale, and we are going to Seaworld for Halloween weekend. Peyton's birthday party is the 17th. It is at a park that has a miniature train to ride. He is having a pirate theme. He is very excited!! I will post pics after the birthday weekend.

Here are some pictures from the last month.
Peyton's first day of Preschool
NFL Sunday Attire!!