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Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Wow, I can't believe that Christmas is over. We had a wonderful Christmas. Christmas Eve we ate dinner at my sister's house. After dinner we went to a candlelight service at church. It was very nice. After church we went to my parents house to have finger foods and open presents. We had a great time with my family.

Peyton has been much more aware of everything this year. He has been counting down the days till Santa since December 1st. Brady was excited but really didn't know what was going on. Christmas morning was a little tough. Peyton had been up late the night before and was tired. It took him a little while to wake up and get excited about Santa and presents. We had a very relaxing morning. We made breakfast pizza and sat by the fire all morning. It took about 30 miutes to open all the presents and about 6 hours to take everything out of the boxes. It was a great day to be in our pajamas all day. My parents came over for a little while to see what Santa had brought the boys. For dinner we had enchiladas and mexican rice. It was very good.

Here are some pictures our special day!!