Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Lilypie Fifth Birthday tickers

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend. We stayed at my parents house Saturday and Sunday night.
We spent a lot of time outside in the pool. Peyton just decided this weekend to swim independently with floaties. He did awesome. He swims all over the pool. He never stops!

On Sunday afternoon we went to an Astros Game. He loves to go. Grammy and Papa surprised him the night before we went. It was all he could talk about for the next 12 hours. The game was fun, however the Astros did not play well at all. It was still fun though.

Monday we had some good friends come over and swim and have a barbecue.

It was a relaxing weekend!

Here are some pics of our Holiday!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Brady 9 months old

Brady is 9 months old today. He is getting big so fast. We went to the doctor today for his check up. He is 20 lbs 4 ounces, and 27 inches tall. He is eating all kinds of stuff, he is working on his 7th tooth, he is crawling, he is pulling up on everything, he is talking more, and he is starting to follow Peyton around the house.

He is such a sweet little boy! We love him very much! Enjoy his 9 month video.

Mother's Day

We had a wonderful Mother's Day. We started the day by having baby dedication at church. Brady recieved his little blue bible with his name on it. After church, we were told to go to my parents house. My mom, sister and I had no idea what we were doing for the day. Soon after we got to my parents, they had a sixteen passenger van with a driver pick us up. They told us that we would be in the car for a little over an hour. I was trying to figure it out the whole way. We were surprised when the van took us to a pier near Kemah. We were going on a lunch cruise. The boat had a buffet lunch and live music. It was so much fun. I was very impressed with the guys. It was very creative. The kids had a lot of fun too!

Here are some pictures of our special day!!