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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Weekend in Dallas

Dwayne, Brady and I left last Thursday for Dallas. Dwayne had a National Conference meeting for work, so I decided to go with him and visit my college roommate Amanda. Peyton went with Grammy and Papa to Seaworld in San Antonio for the weekend. I had a really good time with Amanda. She had baby Reagan 4 weeks before Brady was born. We relaxed, fed the babies every 3 hours, went shopping and watched movies. It was a vacation for me. I did not have to run around chasing a 2 year old. I was very thankful (thank you mom and dad) for the time I had alone with Brady. I just sat and held him lots and cuddled!

Saturday night I went to the Hilton where Dwayne was for a company party. Brady was really good. He got lots of attention from all of Dwayne's co-workers.

Sunday we met Tim and Amanda for church and had lunch. Then I left for Houston with Brady, while Dwayne stayed back to go to a Dallas Cowboys game with Tim. I have not driven by myself for that long since college. I had only had 4 hours of sleep the night before and struggled to stay awake. But I made is safely with the help of sunflower seeds and caffine.

We missed Peyton very much. This was the longest we had been away from him. He had a blast with my parents at Seaworld though. I was not worried about him at all. When I got home, he really didn't want to leave Grammy and Papa.

Brady is now a little over 7 weeks old. He is getting so big. He started smiling this last week. I love it now that he is starting to interact with us.

Enjoy the slide show of our trip!


russ14 said...

What great pictures!!! My gosh! Brady is getting so big. I love that darling smile. He just smiles so big!!! Know you had a good time in Dallas. And I envy Dwayne getting to go to a Cowboy game. WOW! Thanks for sharing those darling pictures. Keep them coming.

Love you,

Davis Family said...

Brady is truly a beautiful little boy! We are very happy for you guys.
Roberta & family

Randie said...

Glad you had such a great trip to Dallas! I love the pictures of Brady smiling! He sure is changing fast. I really enjoyed the weekend with all of you! Can't wait to see Peyton and Brady again!

Love ya,
Aunt Randie