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Monday, December 10, 2007

Eventful Weekend

This past weekend has been very eventful. Friday night, Dwayne and I went to a couples Bunco night. Peyton stayed at my parents house for the night. We had a great time spending time with just the two of us.

Saturday night Peyton got sick and has been sick since. He has a stomach bug. He is pretty pitiful. The last 24 hours has been all about pedialyte, and plain oatmeal. I am hoping that we are on the downhill slide of this bug though. It is kind of weird to not have him following me around the house. He is just laying on the floor or is sitting in our laps. The only thing that I kind of like about this bug is that he is wanting to cuddle.

Please keep Peyton in your prayers, and Dwayne and I. Hopefully this bug is not something that is going to hit all of us!!


russ14 said...

I tried to respond to your blog this morning, but got knocked off when my server lost power. Thank goodness I am up and running again.
Sure hope Peyton is feeling better by now. These things run their course in no time and the little ones are up and going again. Keep me posted. So sorry he has to go through this.

Love you,

Katie said...

Bless his little heart. It is definitely pitiful when they're not their active selves, but I agree with you that it's kind of nice to have them be so cuddly. I hope he's feeling better and that you and Dwayne are still well. Mommies don't have time to be sick.