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Monday, December 03, 2007

Peyton Meets Santa Clause

Lezlie and I took Addison and Peyton today to see Santa at the mall. We had them both dressed in their Christmas outfits. They were both so cute. I was really curious as to how Peyton was going to do sitting on Santa's lap. I first took Peyton over to Santa and introduced them. He said Hi and waved. Then I put him on his lap and Peyton just looked up at Santa. He was great. He did not cry at all. In fact, Santa called me over to him and asked me how old he was. When I told him he was 13 months old he was very surprised that he was not crying. All the kids before him screamed. I was very proud of Peyton and so was Santa. I have attached some pictures that I took of him waiting patiently in line to see Santa and pictures with Santa. Enjoy!!


Aunt Carol said...

You are very lucky. I just posted a comment on Lezlie's site and told her how next year might be different. Maybe you'll be one the few that doesn't ever cry. We'll see. Next year could still be the year! :) Great pics. Keep 'em coming!

Love you,
Aunt Carol

russ14 said...

How adorable! These pictures are great. Saw that Addison didn't cry either. Bless both their hearts - they are so good. Love the pics and the video. He is really talking more and more, isn't he. He is growing up too fast so keep the pics coming so that I can keep up with him.


Jerrod said...

Annabelle went nutzo, but she was fine after 3-4 I think. I can't believe he's over a year now! Time is movin way too fast.

Cherry said...

I can't believe you got Peyton to sit with Santa. Rylee doesn't want anything to do with him! You guys look like you are doing great, I am glad to see that!

Randie said...

What great pictures of Peyton with Santa! My kids would have never done that! We're seeing Santa on Friday, so we'll see how it goes! Hopefully they'll take more after their cousin this time!

Love ya,
Aunt Randie :)