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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Visit to Oregon

2 weeks ago we flew to visit Dwayne's family in Oregon. We had a really good time. Peyton had a blast playing with his cousins Elyse and Luke. The weather was cool for us. I had to pull out jeans and jackets from the storage. We stayed with Grandpa and Grandma for a few nights and then got to stay with Uncle Ben and Aunt Randie and few nights too. Peyton had fun playing with all of their toys. It was fun visiting family.

The 4 hour flight was interesting on the way there. We have found out that Peyton gets motion sick on the way down. He was complaining that his ears hurt and his stomach. Yes, you can image what happened soon after. It was a mess! He felt fine once we got off the plane. I was not looking forward to getting back on the plane 4 days later. On the way home we gave him motion sick medicine and he did fine. We were very thankful.

Here are a few pictures.

Peyton and Brady on the airplane Peyton looking out the window on the airplane
Inflight Intertainment
Peyton and Luke
Peyton and Elyse
Brady and Grandpa
Peyton, Luke and Elyse playing at an indoor playhouse


russ14 said...

Neat pictures and I'm so glad the boys didn't do worse on the plane. I know how Peyton felt 'cause as you know I get sick in the front seat of a car and it is no fun. At least you know what to prepare for now.